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                     If the technical scientist in his sterile white coat in his sterile white laboratory looking through the might of his microscope, would turn that looking-glass inside himself, apply that incredibly channeled intellect to self-whys...as you must and I must- perhaps he would see and feel his need and look out the windows-do they still have windows in laboratories?-and see the earth and sky and sun and grass and birds and trees all busy with living, and think of the good of a woman to be loved, of soft earth under his feet, of laying on the grass talking with a friend he loves.

a Quest Among the Bewildered
Wulf Zendik
spent a good bit of money today shopping- bad idea

have to send my camera off for 3 weeks to get fixed- doesn't help me with work

got an email from ACL saying they will not be able to give me a press pass- HOLY FUCK NO!!!!!

thats what happened today
so I am going to return to Lafayette completely broke and I am not only saying this because I will only have $2000 left in my bank account, I will actually be broke. This trip cost a little more than I anticipated and its not like I'm spending money here its just that I am currently not working to make money. The job at the Vermilion will give me a nice pay increase but not really until school starts in the Fall. I got an email from the government and my Pell Grant is cut dramatically because Hailey is not attending school anymore so now I am only getting enough to add to TOPS and my UL scholarship to cover tuition. I will have nothing left and I have depended on that extra money for the last two years to provide for everything else. Not anymore. I have to look into buying a new computer to because my Dell is slowly dying. I think it has a very bad virus and my warranty for things like that ran out in January. I am going to spend these last couple of weeks here relaxing and not stressing about all things I have to do when I get back to Lafayette. I really like it here. I am honestly considering moving here. If not move here for Grad school, come back next summer.

Well loves hope things are well in Lafayette. I've been emailing everyone updating on life here but I haven't heard back from a lot of people so I don't really know what is going on besides for emails from the Vermilion telling me stuff I need to do now. If you have time I would really appreciate an email. I miss everyone and would like to be kept in the loop because I am not supposed to be on here anyway. alisonemoon@gmail.com

A bientot mes amours!
So I leave tomorrow and I feel like I have way too much to get done before then. I almost don't want to go because I started enjoying summer too much here and when I get back there will be no time to rest because I will have to start really working at the paper. But I'm excited.

Well you will see pictures. Have a great summer and see you guys when I get back.

Apr. 28th, 2009


Apr. 21st, 2009

alright so I haven't updated in forever but I still like livejournal and I get on here hoping that my friends have posted but we have all pretty much gotten out of the habit since high school so I say lets try to reclaim it

this week:
thursday= busy day: rikki will have baby and I am thankful she held it in while I was away this weekend but I didn't need it for this long; also is the day I find out whether or not I got Editor and Chief for the Vermilion. If I don't get Editor then I'm probably going to get Managing Editor which is the second in command which equals a huge pay raise

I am leaving soon enough to go to St. Anne for the summer. I was thinking about it the other day and I am kind of terrified to be going for 5 weeks, missing Hailey's graduation, and not be able to talk in English the entire time. Oh well when I come back I have possibly two things to look forward to.

There is a chance I might be moving out of my mommy's house. My friend Randi lives in a house her family owns down St. Louis. Her brother and his girlfriend are going to be moving in at the end of this month but there are 3 bedrooms and she is offering the room to me. If her mom agrees to this (she is currently considering it) then I can live there for only $100 plus utilities. Since I will probably be getting promoted at the Vermilion, I will have a nice pay increase as well meaning I can actually afford this. I would have to get a really nice bike and never want to use my car again (unless its to go visit Rikki and baby).

Other thing that might happen in July. I know a girl that works at a salon downtown and she wants me to put some of my picture prints up for artwalk. I would need to screen about 30 to display. I could make money off of it if people decide they want to buy them so I am pretty excited. I don't care if people don't want to buy them though, its just a really nice opportunity to get my name as a photographer out there.

Alright I updated. Hopefully next time I will be talking about Rikki's cute ass baby.
This is my minimalist story for creative writing and I need a title for it since my professor vetoed Autumn

As the tourists step out from their metabolic cars dressed in crunchy wind suits with cameras slung around their fleshy necks, the trees shed their blood-red leaves and wonder why every year so many people come to watch them die.

so this is my Halloween costume. I'm going to be Willy Wonka but skanky. I like it.

Oct. 5th, 2008

so I'm on crutches because of a sprained ankle but it really isn't that bad. Don't want to go to school tomorrow though because of it. Hopefully they will give me an elevator pass though.

So I'm ready for a real holiday to come along because I want to visit friends I hardly ever see like some Paul, Ashley, and Rikki. I was finally able to see some Andro the other day. Which is good.

If I don't go study abroad in France next year I will be given the Photography Editor position at the Vermilion and make $200 a week. So either nice, stable job or huge adventure in France. I'm having a really hard time deciding. Any suggestions?

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